Rapid Assurance

When it comes to insurance, Rapid Insurance dig deeper and go further to understand any insurance needs – no matter where you are or what type of business you operate.
Our Mission was to create an outstanding landing page being simple and fast enough to convert the inbound visitors into customers. We created as well a simple and intuitive Voice App for local phone number with TwiML Markup Language.

HTML5, CSS3, Responsive, TwiML
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High quality Physiotherapy & other services. One of only 2 McKenzie Certified Clinics in Quebec.
Our mission was to review the entire branding and visual identity of the website to make it more consistent and representative. GetFitPhysio aspires to be a leading clinic, so we had to combine both functionality and design into the digital environment. We used advanced SEO techniques to position the company for the right search results and custom scripts to adapt visitors to the clinic's needs. Through this new design, GetFitPhysio wanted to get closer to its target and reach new clients.

WordPress, Responsive, SEO, Custom Plugins
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Amiral Service

Amiral Service is aiming to provide high standard services, professional approach to lawn & pest problems by experienced environment specialists.
Our mission was to pop-up the visibility of the company both online and offline. Starting with brand identity, printing materials, PPC campaigns and ending with voice applications Dasweb managed to position the company at the top of its online competitors in the already established Montreal market.

WordPress, Branding, Logo, Printing, SEO/PPC
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MC Carrier LLC is a fast growing trucking and transportation company from Las Vegas with a fleet of over 50 trucks and trailers.
We're very exited to be the chosen company for their project implementation as we had to work with a young, dynamic and awesome team of leaders from Las Vegas! The main challenge was to accommodate the front- to back-end of the website, to implement company's daily needs for employers management, automation and traceability. Besides, Dasweb did a great job on working for the other directions of the company, developing several other brands and products.

WordPress, Branding, Logo, Custom Backend
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SCI-D Germany

SCI-D is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organizing international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organization consists of 45 branches and a constantly growing number of partner organizations.
We did a deep research and brainstormed many of the possible design directions for SCI, taking into account the existing visual identity and recommendations. Fully backed with Illustrator frames and materials, the re-design of the website delivered the expected improvements and visitors positive experience.

HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive
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